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On September 16, 1984, WRNO helped New Orleans celebrate the 20th anniversary (to the day) of The Beatles' live concert in City Park Stadium in 1964. They did it with the original cast of Beatlemania! Flown in from New York for the day, the Broadway cast served up Beatle songs for a City Park Stadium crowd of about 15,000, which pretty much screamed as if the real Beatles were performing! Michael in the Morning from WRNO, and Maureen Brennan from Video Trax on Channel 4 Television hosted the event.  Use the links below for more from Beatlemania!
  Hard Day's Night at City Park  
  Beatles '64 Ticket  
  Beatles '84 Ticket  
  Above, Beatles Sunday tickets, 1984 on the front, and 1964 on the back. Below is a print ad for the show.  
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