Fun Archive 1

A 4K drone's eye view of Baton Rouge from across (and above) the Mississippi River at Port Allen, LA on 2/5/2016.

A drone trip down the street and back with the telemetry from the Yuneec Typhoon on screen, compliments of Dashware. Full HD. No 4K 'til we test the telemetry overlay at the higher res. Note the blue FEMA roof in the neighborhood. Hope that's not a Katrina leftover!

4K UHD video from 399 feet over the backyard, just to check out the view from the coming maximum legal drone altitude. Shenandoah Estates in Red Stick.

4K UHD video of the Mississippi River flowing high and fast out of Baton Rouge toward New Orleans from JD's quadcopter, taken January 18, 2016 from the levee.

Another 4K UHD video of City Park Lake in Baton Rouge from JD's quadcopter, taken January 16, 2016. There's another one below.

4K UHD video of Fort Pike at the eastern end of Orleans Parish. Built just after the War of 1812 as one of President James Monroe's coastal fortifications against future invasions, it guarded an entrance to Lake Pontchartrain at the Rigolets, which separates Orleans Parish from St. Tammany Parish. Shot January 13, 2016 froma Yuneec Q500 Typhoon drone. The still shot at the beginning was from a Cessna 172 in February, 2014.

4K UHD video over City Park Lake in Baton Rouge. This was JD's first over-water flight with his Yuneec Typhoon quadcopter. Flying a 4-motor $1,100 drone over water seemed scarier than flying a real $40,000 single-engine airplane over water for some odd reason. Not sure why. Must be that fly-by-wireless that's scary.

An HD look at Shenandoah Estates in Baton Rouge from above via a Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ 4K

A short video from JD's drone over New Year's Eve 2015 neighborhood fireworks in Baton Rouge

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