Radio Reunion 2020

The Blue Crab in New Orleans’West End, Louisiana was the venue for the downsized New Orleans Radio & TV Broadcasters' Reunion on October 17, 2020. New Orleans radio legend Bob Walker put it together again, as usual. Check out JD's photos below.

Bob Walker

Bob Walker is into his second decade of New Orleans Area Boroadcasters Reunions now.

See a bigger version by clicking the photo above, or view other photos by clicking a thumbnail below:


Bob Walker

Matthew Schlenker

Lisa Bacques & John

Paul Delaney, Chris Bryan, Bob Walker. Rusty Galle, & Francis Hebert

Matthew Schlenker, Russ Wise, Matt Dillon, Paul Delaney, Bob Walker, Harvey Heagy

Francis Hebert & Rusty Galle

John and Rose

Hearvy Heagy & Patsy Harlan

Not JD's yacht

New Orleans Yacht Harbor

JD didn't shoot a whole lot of video at this year's downsized (due to COVID) event, but what he did is here, ending with a slide show of most of the still pictures above.

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