Radio Museum

The Radio Museum is loaded with pictures of radio stations and events, with emphasis on those in New Orleans. You can also listen to airchecks of the way radio was, mostly in New Orleans. Just added: 2021 New Orleans Radio & TV Broadcasters' Reunion at Rocky & Carlo's.


Airchecks capture the essence of a radio station's sound. They are recordings of radio programs, highlighting the disc jockey and his presentation, the radio station's promotions and audience builders, and just enough of the music to give you an idea of what was on the station's playlist at the time.

Otari MX5050BQ tape deck

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Station Photos & Memorabilia

Pictures of radio station studios, events, disc jockeys, music surveys, and recording artists from days gone by are here.

JD & Steve Stills at WRNO

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New Orleans Area Broadcasters Reunions

Once each year or so, the New Orleans Area Radio & TV Broadcasters will get together to party and reminisce. The get-togethers started in 2008 at Capt. Humble's Po-Boys in Slidell. The latest, and several before it, were held at Rocky & Carlo's in Chalmette, Louisiana just east of New Orleans

Broadcasters Reunion 2018

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ROCK 100 & Top 40

ROCK 100 book cover

Find out how your favorite song or artist performed on the Billboard charts between 1954 and 1991, courtesy of New Orleans area author Jim Quirin, whose book, ROCK 100, is the definitive ranking of the top 100 hits from each of those years. Just type in a song title, an artist's name, or a year. There are even links to listen to them. If your song didn't make the ROCK 100, but did make the Top 40 in 1954-2000, you can find out how well it did by searching the Top 40.

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Nick Bazoo Memorial

Nick Bazoo

New Orleanian Nick Ferrara, Jr. started his radio career in Cajun country as a 17-year-old at KXOR in Thibodaux, Louisiana, then quickly moved to WIXO in New Orleans in late 1973, doing the 7-12 PM night shift as "The Big Bazoo" from the station's Downman Road studios where JD did the midday shift. After a fabulous career in New Orleans (WIXO, WTIX, WNOE, WEZB-97, WCKW-FM, WLMG "Magic 102"), San Francisco (KMEL), San Diego, Pittsburgh, and other places, Nick retired to the Mississippi Gulf Coast just a few years before dying in an automobile accident on January 9, 2015 at the age of 59. His memorial service on January 17 at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Mandeville, Lousiana produced a huge turnout of radio people from across the country. It was streamed and archived on the Internet, and the post-service celebration of his life was captured in a few photos here.

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