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City Park Lake

Work has begun to deepen City Park Lake in Baton Rouge and three of its sister lakes. The idea is to get rid of the algae and plant blooms. JD put up his Yuneec Typhoon H drone on Easter Sunday to have a look. Yup. It's still ugly. And the beach parking lot was full, so JD had to launch from near the I-10 bridge. 4K video edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector.

JD's neighbor was walking his dogs, so JD decided to walk his drone. A Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter in Watch Me mode, with RealSense® Obstacle Avoidance turned on to let the drone navigate around intervening trees and light poles. 4K video, edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector. Music computer-generated by Pinnacle Studio's Scorefitter.

JD puts his Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter up over the cell phone tower on O'Neal Lane in Baton Rouge. While centering it to begin, he gets a big surprise from a big bird that had been resting atop the tower. It apparently didn't appreciate the intrusion and flew off. JD missed seeing it happen live, inasmuch as he was about 1,400 feet away from the tower and didn't see it up close on the controller's video screen. But in the edit suite, it was there. Hawk? Eagle? JD will defer to the ornithologists. 4K video edited with Cyberlinbk PowerDirector, which also provided the background music.

JD takes his Yuneec Typhoon H out to Lake Shadow about a half mile away, pausing briefly to look down on a house in the subdivision in the process of getting a new roof. After a quick look at Lake Shadow, he heads north toward St. Michael's High School, and then back home. The sun was a tad low and propeller shadows seemed to bother the 4K camera. But eventually, JD backed it in for a landing to avoid more flicker. Edited with Pinnacle Studio 23, and music by Scorefitter.

JD hadn't taken his Yuneec Typhoon H drone out for a walk in a while. This one was to make sure its Intel RealSense® module for obstacle avoidance was working. It was. The plan now is to swap it over to JD's backup Typhoon H,, which has an apparently inoperative RealSense module. Neither the controller nor the Typhoon H GUI software can see that it is installed. On the streets of Shenandoah in Baton Rouge. 4K video.

A guy on a motorcycle passing by saw the drone up and asked JD to follow him with it. JD obliged, knowing his drone could easily keep up if the motorcyclist stuck to the 25-mph neighborhood speed limit. Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" would be overkill for the soundtrack, and probably not worth the royalties required. So the sound track has computer-generated music from SoundStage. JD lost track of the motorcyclist when another guy walking his dog struck up a conversation. So much for a sterile cockpit!

JD briefly tests the Indoor Positioning System (IPS) of his Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter ourdoors. Intended for use indoors where reliable GPS reception may not be available, IPS uses downward-facing sensors to determine the drone's position. You can see from the drone's shadow that it seems to hover in place fairly effortlessly. GPS is not being used. This is raw 4K video straight from the CG03+ camera. No audio.

If the street is named Woodlake Drive, but you fly over it, should it be renamed Woodlake Fly? This is near the White Oak Landing subdivision in Baton Rouge, not far from JD's abode. 4K video from a CG03+ camera on a Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter.

It was a lovely day and JD had no particular place to go with his drone, so he launched from his sidewalk and aimlessly wandered. 4K video from the CG03+ camera on a Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter.

JD's carport was only half full, so he decided to fly through it after taking off from the back patio. The rest of the flight was up to an altitude of 130 feet or so for a quick look around, and then back for a landing. 4K video, Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter.

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