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Out to Pasture Drone Flight

Time to check out the pasture north of the subdivision again. Kinda brown. Video signal got weak at about 2,552 feet, but you won't know from looking at the FPV video. Solid all the way. The subdivision likely pours out tons of competing WiFi. 4K video from an Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K drone.

JD drives his Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K drone down the street and hangs a right to Lake Shadow in the Shenandoah Estates subdivision of Baton Rouge. The telemetry bar at the top shows the progress in terms of altitude and distance. 4K (2160p) video, so select the best quality you can display with the settings icon (default is 480p SD).

JD was up in the Great Northwet in late December, 2021, so he took the opportunity to drone the Space Needle. The Seattle area had gotten some unusual snow fall, which kept the crowds down at the tourist attractions. JD kept it safe with the help of a visual observer, and was careful not to fly over people or crash into the Space Needle as some have done. Enjoy the 4K video.

JD's Thanksgiving feast was at his sister-in-law's place in Pearl River, LA. He put up his Autel Robotics EVO II 6K Pro drone to look around. The big Rooms To Go warehouse alongside I-59 was an inviting target, a couple thousand feet away. 4K video edited with Pinnacle Studio 25. Default video quality at Rumble is SD (480p), but you can select higher quality up to 4K (2160p).

JD has flown this waypoint mission before with his Autel Robotics EVO II 6K Pro drone. But this time, he reversed the direction of the route to go first to the pasture north of his Shenandoah subdivision, then east to St. Michael's High School, southeast to Lake Shadow, and then back home. The drone flew itself shooting 4K video as JD kept an eye on it. And it nailed the autonomous landing. You'll see a narrated walk-through of the pre-flight. There are scattered overlays of the first-person view (FPV) video and telemetry on JD's phone. Default video quality at Rumble is SD (480p), but you can select higher quality up to 4K (2160p).

JD's favorite drone flight destination seems to be Lake Shadow in the Shenandoah subdivision of Baton Rouge. It's about half a mile each way. Flown with an Autel Robotics EVO II 6K Pro. 4K video edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector 365. This version overlays only the telemetry bar from the Autel Explorer app for a better view of the 4K video.

4K drone video of the Mississippi River near the L'Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge, LA. A 40-barge towboat passes by, and the farm animals across River Road from the levee launch point do pretty much nothing. The FPV (first person view) video and telemetry is overlaid. From an Autel Robotics EVO II 6K Pro drone, 11/1/2021

The Autel Robotics EVO II 6K Pro drone takes a look at the Baton Rouge riverfront downtown on an October weekend. The Mississippi River is low, leaving the USS Kidd dry-docked. 4K video.

4K video of the 2021 Hammond Air Show at the Hammond Airport in Hammond, LA. This was the Sunday, October 17 show. We didn't catch the final act, the F/A-18 Super Hornet demo. Recording the background music from the announcer's PA system was unavoidable. If you're an artist or record label and seriously think people will download this video just to hear your licensed music at less than full fidelity and avoid paying for it, well, be a jerk and claim copyright. All they want to is see the airplanes and hear the announcer. The video is not monetized. Copyright claims made (so far) by Van Halen, Chris Stapleton, and The Crystal Method. JD will remember them when he chooses records for his radio show. ☺

Performances include:

Misty Blues Skydiving Team
Kevin Coleman in the Extra 300
F-15 Strike Eagle
Wild Blue Rodeo RV-8
Greg Koontz in a Decathalon
"Gunfighter" P-51 Mustang
L-39 Albatros
Skip Stewart in Prometheus
Shockwave Jet Truck
Kevin Coleman in an F33 Beechcraft Bonanza
The Alabama Boys Piper J-3 Cub
Aeroshell Aerobatics Team AT-6 Texans
Kevin Coleman in the Extra 300
Extra 300 vs. Shockwave Jet Truck Race
Randy Ball's Mig 17
U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 SAR Demo
Cody Elkins Big Air Insanity Motorbike Jump Over Skip Stewart's Prometheus

Thanks to Chris Seeger for manning the Sony Camcorder when JD was busy with the DSLR.

This 4K drone footage is from a second trip in two days to Grassy Lake in the subdivision just north of Shenandoah in Baton Rouge, LA. On the first trip, JD's iPhone, which provides the first person view video during a flight, overheated as apparently some iPhones are prone to do in hot weather and bright sunshine. That left JD in the dim dark. There's a small video monitor in the Autel EVO II's controller which could have been used instead, but JD was making a screen recording of the Autel Explorer app on the phone. He'd have lost that if he unplugged the phone from the controller. Cutting short the mission, JD commanded the drone to return home and land. So the second trip was in the 75° morning instead of the 85° or hotter afternoon. There was no phone dimming, so the full flight took place. Here's the 4K vido from the onboard camera, as well as the telemetry from the screen recording. The video is hosted on Rumble, so don't forget to set the video quality option to the highest you can use. 4K is 2160p. The default is only 480p (standard definition).

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