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I-10 Bridge at City Park Lake Baton Rouge

A fly-under of the I-10 bridge at City Park Lake in Baton Rouge. HD video with telemetry from JD's Yuneec Typhoon 4K drone. Wanted to try flying under the I-10 bridge over City Park Lake in Baton Rouge. The idea was to pop up on the other side, look around, then duck back under to return. Flying over the bridge, with all that traffic, was obviously not an option with a drone. But from his launch perspective, JD couldn't tell for sure if he had emerged on the other side far enough to safely climb back up. And the aircraft altitude hold seemed a little iffy, so he quickly backed out the way he went in.

Back home, JD loaded the telemetry into a Dashware overlay on the video so he could see if the GPS satellite count dropped considerably under the bridge, and what his actual altitudes were. Satellite count dropped to 14 from 16 or 17, so not substantially. The bird has a barometric sensor for altitude as well. Perhaps wind created a Venturi effect, speeding up to go under the bridge. But that would lower the pressure and possibly cause the aircraft to adjust its altitude lower, not higher.

JD isn't sure what he learned from this, other than he'd be a lot more comfortable without water under the bridge! Video downscaled from 4K to 1080p HD to enable use of Dashware for the telemetry overlay. Music added just to help with the boredom factor. Didn't want to edit the video for length and interest factors because of a desire to see all of the telemetry. If you get bored, use the scrubber and scroll ahead!

A quick 4K video trip out over a bunch of barges parked in the Mississippi River in front of Baton Rouge on Labor Day Weekend, 2016. Yuneec Typhoon 4K.

Here's a 4K drone's eye view of the construction progress on the extra lanes for O'Neal Lane over Jones Creek in Baton Rouge, LA just a week after the Great Flood of 2016. The whole thing was underwater then, as evidenced by some nearby houses on Magnolia Trace Pkwy, which served as the launch and landing point. You can see sheetrock and the usual flood debris piled up in front of them. There's only one thing more fun than big construction machines, like cranes, and that's droning over them!

There was nothing "fun" about this.  Drone view of flooding in Baton Rouge Shenandoah subdivision (Point Clear Drive at Chadsford Ave). 1080p HD downscaled from 4K. No audio. Yuneec Typhoon 4K aircraft. 8/14/2016.

A 4K look at the Mississippi River and LSU's Tiger Stadium from the levee near LSU.

One of those use-up-the-battery flights straight up over the backyard. Nothing exciting. Saw some birds circling below. Practiced some low level maneuvers to see how it handled in ground-effect. Three take-offs and landings, so I'm now current for taking passengers in my drone for the next 90 days. You'll have to be pretty light if you want a ride, though! 4K video with some background music.

A 4K look around at the end of Lake Road in Lacombe, Louisiana on June 24, 2016. A bird flies along with the Yuneec Typhoon 4K in the early part of the flight over Lake Pontchartrain and its marshes. This is raw footage, straight from the CG03 camera. No sound, no music, no titles, no re-rendering.

Scooting around some of the Baton Rouge lakes, my drone aroused the curiosity of some birds. Almost like Chinese fighter jets around a reconnaissance plane. Glad nobody sent up any of those trained eagles to take out my drone with their bare talons! 4K video from a Yuneec Typhoon 4K.

A sea of flags in front of the Louisiana State Capitol on Memorial Day Weekend, 2016. A drone's perspective, shot in 4K UHD video from a Yuneec Typhoon 4K.

The USS Kidd, a World War II-era destroyer permanently anchored in the Mississippi River as a museum, on Memorial Day Weekend, 2016, in Baton Rouge. Shot in 4K UHD video from a Yuneec Typhoon 4K drone.

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