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USS Kidd

JD takes his Yuneec Typhoon H on a Web-planned curved cable cam (CCC) route around the USS Kidd destroyer from WWII, docked as a floating museum in the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge. Flight planned with Eric Emmanuel's "CCC Editor for Typhoon H" at 4K video from the 6/24/2018 flight. Edited with Pinnacle Studio 21.5 and its royalty-free Soundstage music.

A 4K video jaunt with a Yuneec Typhoon H to Lake Shadow (which may or may not be the tiny lake's name) in the Shenandoah subdivision of Baton Rouge. Telemetry by Dashware. Edited with Pinnacle Studio 21.5. Flown June 15, 2018.

Curved Cable Cam (CCC) flight of a Yuneec Typhoon H over City Park Lake in Baton Rouge. Flight planned online with Eric Emmanuel's "CCC Editor for Typhoon H" Web app. Demonstrates use of right joystick for camera pan & tilt control. 4K video edited and rendered with Pinnacle Studio 21.5.

4K video from a curved cable cam (CCC) flight with a Yuneec Typhoon H planned with Eric Emmanuel's "CCC Editor for Typhoon H" Web app. Telemetry via Dashware and Helmut Eisner's "Q500log2kml" app. Instead of first flying the route and recording the waypoints in the controller, JD planned this flight with the Web-based editor by clicking desired waypoints on a satellite photo map of his neighborhood, then downloading them to his Web browser and then copying them to his ST-16 controller via USB. It's explained in the video.

4K video from a 4/29/2018 flight around the USS Kidd, a destroyer permanently anchored in the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge as a museum and veterans memorial. This flight was just to set up waypoints for a later autonomous flight with independent camera control using the Yuneec Typhoon H's Curved Cable Cam capability to separate the piloting and the camera operation.

JD put his Yuneec Typhoon H out to pasture today, the one with a pond north of his Shenandoah subdivision in Baton Rouge. Gorgeous droning weather. It's a couple thousand feet away, about as far as is reasonable for maintaining direct sight of the drone.

JD drives his Typhoon H Pro drone around the backyard in Smart Mode with Obstacle Avoidance on to watch it steer around obstacles on its own.

Here's 4K video from one of JD's Yuneec Typhoon H Pro hexacopters out at City Park Lake and University Lake near LSU in Baton Rouge. Telemetry shows the track over the two lakes on 4/5/2018. You can spot Tiger Stadium and the LSU Memorial Tower from 200 feet over University Lake. Telemetry overlay by Dashware with data conversion by Helmut Elsner's Q500lg2kml (Danke, Helmut!). Musical score, titles, video editing, and 4K render by Pinnacle Studio 20.

4K video from a Yuneec Typhoon H Pro flight over the Shenandoah subdivision in Baton Rouge, LA on March 30, 2018. JD flew the route once to record the waypoints, then had the drone fly it again autonomously so he could operate the camera's pan & tilt with one of the controller's joysticks rather than the more cumbersome sliders and rotary controls. Yuneec calls this function "Curved Cable Cam." This was flown with JD's second Typhoon H Pro, which he bought for use while #1 was repaired in-warranty (thanks, Yuneec!) after a crash from an unexpected all-power-off glitch during a test flight over an empty softball field.

Edited, titled, musically scored, and rendered with Pinnacle Studio 20.

If you'd like to see a similar flight after a rare Baton Rouge snowfall this past winter, check out Fun5.aspx#SH2CCC, or an earlier Typhoon Q500 4K flight with even more snow visible at Fun5.aspx#SnowInBR.

Here's JD's new Typhoon H using the more directional "patch" antenna that now comes free with the Typhoon H in addition to the ominidirectional "mushroom" antenna tested a day or so ago on pretty much the same route. Video was solid with the patch antenna out to 2,690 feet, even when the camera was panned through a full 360°. It could have flown out further, but at that distance, the drone gets mighty small and tough to keep in the FAA required line of sight, so we stopped there. Telemetry overlay by Dashware, data conversion by q500log2kml, edited in Pinnacle Studio 20.

Note to Microsoft Edge browser users: If you want to watch in 2K (1440p) or 4K (2160p) and are not offered the option to do so, it may help to type about:flags in the address bar and find the drop-down for "Enable VP9 video format" under "Standards Preview" and set it to Always on. Restart browser.

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