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USS Kidd

Here's a Sunday morning DJI Air 3 drone flight over the Mississippi River in front of downtown Baton Rouge, LA. JD was hoping to track some river traffic, but nothing seemed to be moving. There were plenty of barges anchored on the Port Allen side, and a few anchored in mid-river with their tugs. Of course, just as JD committed to landing the drone, a tug and barges zipped by on the west side across from the takeoff and landing point. Murphy's Law. Still had battery left, but it would be a race to catch that one before it zipped under the bridge downriver. There's an orbit of the USS Kidd destroyer/museum on the itinerary. Edited with and music from Cyberlink PowerDirector 365. 4K video shot with the standard color profile. Hosted on Rumble, so set quality to 4K manually if you can.

Here are the stills JD shot March 23, 2024 at the N'Awlins Air Show at the Belle Chasse Joint Reserve Base. It's a 3.5-minute 4K video slide show, so select 4K display quality if you can.

Here's a DJI Air 3 Waypoint Mission with all the waypoints set for manual camera heading and gimbal tilt set to "Manual." We have full freedom to yaw the aircraft left, right, and even backwards to aim the camera horizontally. And we have full control over the camera's gimbal to move it up and down over its full 90°-plus range. For this flight on a sunny day, an ND16 filter was used with the camera's exposure set to "Auto" in the standard color profile. Shooting was at 4K 60 fps, but the render from Cyberlink's PowerDirector 365 is limited to 4K 30 fps. Portions of the controller screen recording are overlayed. Music is from Cyberlink. JD narrates.

Here's a 4K drone view of some Mississippi River traffic this morning (2/25/2024). This is the traffic in the river, not over it, but you can catch a glimpse of some of that on the I-10 bridge connecting Baton Rouge and Port Allen, LA. You'll also spot the USS Kidd WWII destroyer which serves as a museum from its permanent anchorage in the river. 4K video edited and scored with music from Cyberlink Power Director 365.

By viewer request, JD tests the FPV Gimbal Mode with his DJI Air 3. A quick flight down the street and back in the Shenandoah subdivision of Baton Rouge on Valentine's Day, 2024. No loops or rolls possible, but the 4K camera shows the horizon tilt as the aircraft banks in the turns. Edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector 365, which also provided the royalty- free music.

JD hadn't really used his DJI Air 3 in its fast Sport mode. It will zip along at about 45 mph in that mode, compared to 26 mph or so in the usual Normal mode. Obstacle Avoidance is unavailable in Sport mode.

JD is getting to know his DJI Air 3 drone. This time, it's MasterShots. The drone randomly selects among its QuickShots (Donie, Circle, Zoom, Rocket, etc.) and stitches them together in a length and at an altitude range of your choice. Here's what it looks like from the FPV screen recording on the RC2 controller to the 4K video recorded in the aircraft. Narration comes from a DJI wireless mike to the USB-C jack of the controller. Edited in Cyberlink's PowerDirector 365.

Rumble("play", {"video":"v44ciqu","div":"rumble_v44ciqu"});

Here's a New Year's Day trip of JD's DJI Air 3 out to the water around Woodlake Drive in Baton Rouge, LA. ND 16 filter, 4K video. Require manual selection of best resolution available.

JD's Christmas Day 2023 Family Feast was at his sister-in-law's house in Pearl River, LA. About 2,000 feet away, there's a humongous furniture warehouse. a DJI wireless mike to the USB-C jack of the controller. Edited in Cyberlink's PowerDirector 365.

Here's a 4K view of Blaine, Washington from a DJI Air 3. It's just a couple of miles from Canada. Late October colors are gorgeous.

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