Fun Archive 2

Open space around City Park Lake in Baton Rouge gives us a chance to really exercise the Follow Me/Watch Me mode of the Yuneec Typhoon 4K quadcopter without much risk of running into something. And we get to land manually on a bike path that resembles an airport runway with a centerline.

Here's some raw 4K video straight from the Yuneec Typhoon CGO3 camera. No titles, no sound, no fades to black. Nothing re-rendered. Nothing other than YouTube's processing to degrade the quality. Just a boring trip around JD's neighborhood while it's still legal. Try not to peek in any windows.

What happens when you fly your drone out of range of the controller? In the case of the Yuneec Typhoon 4K, not much. Even though the video monitor goes dark, the aircraft keeps recording video just fine. Telemetry data gets interrupted, but even that turned out okay. And the aircraft knows where to go: back to the last controller GPS location it received, automatically. Aside from the dark screen on the controller for 40 seconds, it was hard to tell it even happened. This one was shot in 4K, but to overlay the telemetry, it had to be downscaled to 1080p HD.

Did some drone-flying at the Red Stick Riverfront while showing some visiting family members around town. Perhaps spent too much time waiting for the tugboats to do something exciting with their barges. Again, this one is downscaled to Full HD pending a better 4K render.

A look at I-10 traversing City Park Lake in Baton Rouge. Plenty of ducks and wildlife around, too. 'Til I get a better video encoder, this was shot in 4K UHD but downscaled to 1080p HD.

Here's the Red Stick Riverfront from the Yuineec Typhoon out over the Mississippi River. 'Til I get a better video encoder, this too was shot in 4K UHD but downscaled to 1080p HD.

Nothing real exciting here. Just a bike ride down the street with my Yuneec Typhoon watching me in 4K. All I had to do was take off and land it. Altitude about 120 feet to stay out of tree trouble.

View of the 450-foot tall Louisiana State Capitol in 4K video from a Yuneec Typhoon quadcopter at an altitude of 192 feet on 2/27/2016.

A 4K aerial view of Lake Pontchartrain at Lacombe, Louisiana on its north shore directly across from New Orleans at the end of Lake Road. February 11, 2016. Water was fairly low after a few days of a north wind.

4K video of boats anchored off Bayou Castine in Mandeville, Louisiana on 2/13/2016. Near the Pontchartrain Yacht Club. From a Yuneec Typhoon 4K.

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