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Lake Pontchartrain at Mandeville, LA

Cruisin' the lakefront in Mandeville, Louisiana with a 4K Yuneec Typhoon quadcopter. October 17, 2017

A Yuneec Typhoon 4K quadcopter follows JD's bike ride for a few blocks, following the "Wizard wand" one-hand controller in "Watch Me" mode.

A 4K drone tour from the end of Lakeview Drive in Slidell, Louisiana, just across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans.

A one-minute 4K overhead tour of Louisiana's Old State Capitol, which overlooks the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. It's the building famously reviled for its medieval architecture by author Mark Twain in his Life on the Mississippi. From a Yuneec Typhoon 4K quadcopter.

A 4K excursion over some Mississippi River barges at the riverfront in Baton Rouge, August 20, 2017 with a Yuneec Typhoon 4K quadcopter.

Hadn't flown the drone in a while, so I took it up for a little practice over the neighborhood this morning. Have to be careful not to fly directly over people or moving cars. The ones this morning made it tough. They cut corners and everything else to try to get under me. Must think the road is only for them or something! Don't they know "IFR" is FAA jargon for "I Follow Roads"? This is the raw 4K footage with no edits, titles, or music. Yuneec Typhoon 4K.

Watching the ducks (and some other fowl, too) in 4K from a Yuneec Typhoon 4K over City Park Lake in Baton Rouge, 2/19/2017. The ducks seemed unfazed by the drone's close presence, even when it seemed to ruffle their feathers literally. The Typhoon's big 13" props are considerably quieter than the smaller ones on a DJI Phantom, so that probably helped.

A beautiful day in JD's neighborhood in 4K with telemetry.

Bird Watching at City Park Lake, Baton Rouge. 4K video from a Yuneec Typhoon 4K drone, November, 2016

A second trip to Fort Pike at the Rigolets in eastern New Orleans. The fort is still closed, and looking kinda rough in spots. Captured from a Yuneec Typhoon 4K in 4K UHD on October 3, 2016.

It wasn't windy on the ground (only 9 mph), but it was a different story at altitude, thanks to the nearby thunderstorm. There's a nasty, uncommanded yaw to the right about a minute into the video. JD finally figured out how to make Dashware, which was built for HD, work with 4K video to add a telemetry overlay so you can see heading, altitude, speed, and other data.

Ride along with JD on a 1999 flight in a Cessna Skyhawk from Slidell, over Lake Pontchartrain, over downtown New Orleans, and back to Slidell. There's a niece and nephew in the back seat, and a brother-in-law, Darryl Webb, as the videographer. Resurrected from a home movie DVD.

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