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JD the DJ is J. Douglas, and you can hear him on New Orleans' Oldies Station, WTIX-FM, 94.3 FM, Monday through Friday from 7 PM to Midnight. It's "The Rock 'n' Roll Flight to Midnight." You'll also find him there on Sundays from 1 PM 'til 6 PM. Plenty of New Orleans soul and that old time rock 'n' roll! Here on the Web, you can make your song request, and much more.

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Radio Museum

The Radio Museum is loaded with pictures of radio stations and events, with emphasis on those in New Orleans. You can also listen to airchecks of the way radio was, mostly in New Orleans. Just added: 2024 New Orleans Radio & TV Broadcasters Reunion and WPTR 1971 Survey.

JD in the WRNO Wonderwall studio at the 1984 World's Fair

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Concert Museum

Drop into the Concert Museum and check out the photos of New Orleans area concerts, from Jeff Fest to Jazz Fest, and old venues like A Warehouse on Tchoupitoulas Street (it ain't dere no more). Just added: Jazz Fest 2022

Steely Dan

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ROCK 100 & Top 40

ROCK 100 book cover

Find out how your favorite song or artist performed on the Billboard charts between 1954 and 1991, courtesy of New Orleans area author Jim Quirin, whose book, ROCK 100, is the definitive ranking of the top 100 hits from each of those years. Just type in a song title, an artist's name, or a year. There are even links to listen to them. If your song didn't make the ROCK 100, but did make the Top 40 in 1954-2000, you can find out how well it did by searching the Top 40.

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Check out the Rock 'n' Roll Almanac to see what happened on this day in rock history.

JD's Rock 'n' Roll Almanac

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Some deejays never go beyond "time and temperature," but here's the complete New Orleans weather picture.

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Just for Fun

Some stuff JD does just for fun. He'll drone on and on if you let him. There's plenty of 4K video to see here. Just added: July 4th Fireworks at SOAC

July 4th Fireworks at SOAC

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New Orleans Radio Dial

Here's what's on the New Orlean radio dial to 50 miles out (from 30° N., 90° W.)

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Airchecks capture the essence of a radio station's sound. They are recordings of radio programs, highlighting the disc jockey and his presentation, the radio station's promotions and audience builders, and just enough of the music to give you an idea of what was on the station's playlist at the time. Just added: More from Bob Walker and traffic reporter Sgt. T-Ben Boudreaux on post-Katrina WTIX-FM.

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Contribute Items

Got something to contribute to the Radio Museum or Concert Museum? We'd love to have it for display here! And this is where to go to do it easily.

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News & Opinion

News & Opinion from JD and others. The news is real, and the opinion, if any, will be identified as such.

Trump Shot

Former President Donald Trump was nearly assassinated at a campaign rally in Bethel, Pennsylvainia, just north of Pittsburgh on July 13, 2024.

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Time remaining in Biden Presidency: 5 months 30 days 8 hours 51 minutes 50 seconds

Random Rants

Random Rants let JD blow off steam on almost any subject. He's an old, white guy, so who knows what he'll say? But he's also a radio guy, used to minding his language, so you don't have to worry about that. This is a new feature which may or may not last. It won't hurt to try one.

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