Thanks to WNOE Music Researcher Bimbo, and WNOE-FM DJs Scott Powers and Phyllis Jensen for the photos here.

Kim Stephens and Weerd Wayne

Kim Stephens and Weerd Wayne from the AM heard there was a photographer over at the FM

Phil Hendrie

Phil Hendrie, 1978

WNOE-FM's Michael Kopacz

"The Wizard," Michael Kopacz, 1978, who, like WRNO's Warren, often went by just his first name, "Michael."

WPTR transmitter room studio 1969

"Soxless" Scott Segraves, 1978

WNOE-FM's Phyllis Jensen as a clown

Phyllis Jensen clowning around"

Russ Boney and Cherie

The Oldies Sweettthearts from the WNOE-FM Sunday Night Hall of Fame Show--Russ Boney and Cherie in 1976

WNOE AM/FM Survey, 1974

Here's the WNOE AM/FM Family on a music survey from June, 1974

Scott Powers, WNOE-FM

WNOE-FM's format was AOR (album-oriented rock) from 1973-1980. On August 14, 1980, it flipped its format to country, and still is country today. Here's Scott Powers in 1995.

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