Rod Stewart Declines to Perform in Saudi Arabia

Rod Stewart turned down possibly the biggest paycheck of his career when he declined to perform in Saudi Arabia over their treatment of women and LGBTQ people. On Instagram, he posted, "I'm grateful that I have a choice whether or not to perform in Saudi Arabia. So many citizens there have extremely limited choices -- women, the LGBTQ community, the press. I'd like my choice not to go... to shine a light on the injustices there and ignite positive change." Homosexuality is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, and human rights still struggle to gain traction in the country. [10/12/2023]

Rod Stewart

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Rolling Stone Magazine's Jann Wenner Removed from Board of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rolling Stone magazine founder Jann Wenner has been ejected from the board of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In a recent interview, he had made comments that were criticized as disparaging female musicians and artists of color. In the week preceding the 2004 Presidential election, Wenner put Democrat candidate John Kerry on the cover of Rolling Stone and mailed out free copies to an unknown numebr of non-subscribers, including JD, with a plea to vote for Kerry.

Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone magazine

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Saints Miss Jimmy Buffett

The New Orleans Saints are among the millions who miss Jimmy Buffett, the music icon who passed away Friday, September 1 from skin cancer. A lifelong New Orleans Saints fan and native of Pascagoula, Mississippi, Bufffett was a frequent sight at the Superdome and Saints training camp over the years. Jazz Fest was also a favorite Buffett hangout. He was 76 years old.

Jimmy Buffett at a Saints game

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Face Painting Fetishist at Nichols State

It takes all kinds, and apparently Nichols State University in Thibodeaux had at least one of them. But he's gone now. Resigned. An admitted facepainting fetishist.

Joseph Tokosh

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Eagles' Bassist Randy Meisner Takes It to the Limit

The Eagles' bassist and founding member Randy Meisner died July 26 in Los Angeles at age 77. He had backed James Taylor and Rick Nelson before joining Linda Ronstadt’s band. His fellow bandmates backing Rondstadt included Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Bernie Leadon, and the four went on to form the Eagles. Take It to the Limit was the band’s first million-selling single, and Meisner co-wrote and sang lead on it.

Randy Meisner

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Tony Bennett Dead at 96

Tony Bennett has died at age 96 following a fight with Alzheimer's Disease. He was all over the Top 40 from the 50's through the 60's. At 95, he performed in concert with Lady Gaga in New York.

Tony Bennett

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The Eagles Call It Quits

The Eagles have announced a farewell tour, ironically paired with Steely Dan, a band whom Walter Becker's girlfriend loved and to which she wished Steely Dan was more similar. This drove him to distraction. The tour willl start September 7 in New York City and travel to a dozen other cities, with more to be announced later. Locally, the Eagles have appeared at New Orleans' legendary Warehouse on Tchoupitoulas Street, LSU in Baton Rouge, and other venues.

The Eagles at LSU

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Rod Stewart Done with L.A.

Rod Stewart says he's done with L.A. He's selling his mansion and heading back to the UK full-time. He calls the culture in Los Angeles "toxic." His wife Penny is a volunteer cop in England, and loves it.

Rod Stewart

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Donald Harrison Jr. Recovering from Heart Attack

Famed New Orleans jazz saxophonist Donald Harrison Jr. suffered a heart attack June 3 while in Hawaii performing at The Big Island Jazz and Blues Festival. He's now recovering in a hospital after a precedure to unblock one of his main coronary arteries. He's pictured here from his 2022 New Orleans Jazz Fest performance.

Donald Harrison Jr.

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Cool Helmets for LSU Football

This season, LSU will have really cool football helmets! They're air-conditioned! Conceived during the COVID pandemic to slow the virus spread, reporting on it landed one of JD's DJ friends in Facebook Jail. But it's a reality now. The A/C is battary powered, and good for five hours per charge. No word yet from Blair "On the Air" Kullman as to whether he's still languishing in Facebook Jail.

Coll LSU football helmet

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Tina Turner Gone

Queen of Rock 'n' Roll Tina Turner died peacefully May 24, 2023 in her home in Switzerland. She suffered a long illness, and was 83 years old.

Tina Turner

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