Jazz Fest 2003

The 2003 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival ran from April 24 through May 4, 2003. Maybe that's a bit recent to put it in a museum, but here it is anyway. And day by day, the photos, and the musicians in them, will all get a little bit older. JD took these photos on April 26 and 27, Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend, Days 3 and 4 of the Fest, which, for the first time, started on a Thursday. If you have more photos of the Fest you'd like to appear here, just click the Contribute button.

Mardi Gras Indians at Jazz Fest 2003

Mardi Gras Indians sew their costumes all year long to be ready for Mardi Gras. Then, the only question is, who's the prettiest? These Mardi Gras Indians were parading at the Fairgrounds during Jazz Fest 2003.

Joe Cocker Crosby, Stills, & Nash Dr. John Allen Toussaint

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